Namibia, a country of incredible open spaces; extreme differences of harsh, arid deserts and green palm surrounded oases, of thorn plant savannah and rugged mountains, of frosty cold cold nights and sweltering quite summer days. A regional with European influence exposed in the German architecture, the lifestyle and vernacular of many of my white population. A productive tribal population offers specific traveller an unique ethnical experience. Namibia is all of the driest country south in the Sahara, th highest country in Africa and furthermore yet has the most basic population. Experiencing a cruel arid desert is not only for everyone, but needed for me the experience was likely overwhelmingly beautiful. The solace and solitude reconnected all of us with nature, the wealth of space, the spooky stillness reminded me akin to the infinity of lifespan in the universe.

The contrasting colours connected with the landscape allow beautiful photographic opportunities. The huge blue mostly cloudless skies, rugged brown lunar situation sparsely dotted with unheard of desertlike plant species, what makes everchanging earthyorange sand sand hills sculpted by winds of time and energy. thedubaidesertsafari will return home combined with a different perspective along with life. This landscape fallen leaves you with an ambiance of peace and comfort. As my intention here is so that you enlighten you on a functional true Namibian wilderness experience, I would like on the way to channel your attention on to the far northwestern spot of Namibia to the new remote luxury wilderness camping situated right on our banks of the evergreen Kunene River. The Wilds Safaris camp, Serra Cafema is a premier get away offering you a legitimate desert experience in how the lap of luxury.

A relatively small summer camp accommodating a maximum about guests in beautiful chalets raised on wooden advertising networks made of thatch, canvass and wood blending straight their natural surroundings. Serra Cafema is one on the most remote camps appearing in southern Africa and applying for there is best as being a light aircraft from Windhoek unless you have two of days to spare, a x and the actual adventurous spirit. Once you may arrive at Serra Cafema camp after a minimum drive from the airstrip, you are pampered with gracious, most caring, happy, bubbly staff that augment the experience of this type of remote camp. All menu deliciously prepared are bundled as are the pursuits such as nature roads in the Hartmann’s Pit in open Land Rovers, boating trips on all the Kunene River, nature strolls in the valleys as well visits to the using Himba village should your nomadic people be within the area.